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Cotte, Coulter and Moore find that guilt ads that arouse feelings of manipulation backfire, causing negative evaluations of the marketer.  more»

How do people respond to marketing agents who try to persuade them? Kirmani and Campbell explore this question...  more»

Adherence to multiple health behavior change in a study promoting smoking cessation plus weight control  more»

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Presidential Column
David Mick's 2005 ACR Presidential Address on Transformative Consumer Research

Also read the Report on the Ad Hoc Task Force on Transformative Consumer Research
Barbara Kahn, President of ACR presents an analysis of ACR's growth since its inception in 1969.

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2006 North American ACR: The call for papers and deadlines for submission for the North American ACR in Orlando is available here.

To upload submissions, go directly to the Conference website by clicking here

Call for ACR Fellow Nominations: Click here for details. Deadline May 1, 2006.

Call for ACR Officer Nominations: Click here for details. Deadline May 15, 2006.

2006 Funding Competition for Transformative Consumer Research: Deadline June 1, 2006. Click here for details.

ACR/Sheth Foundation Dissertation Grant for 2006: Click here

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